Bizarre Murders

Bizarre Murders

Sep 26, 2021

I had started writing a short story called Dr. Bonz. It is about a student that goes to be a research assistant for a mad doctor in a remote laboratory compound. At first this is a dream job assignment for the student to learn from a great doctor while making money to pay next semesters tuition.

The student is welcomed to the compound with a banquet of fresh fruits and vegetables, tender meat, sweet wine, and succulent deserts. The next day he starts helping the doctor in his lab and gets to know the animals that are being experimented on. Then one day the student arrives to work, and his favorite animal is missing with no explanation from the doctor.

Later while wandering around the compound, the student finds an off-limits barn and enters. He finds the missing animal along with others in a large pen. They are writing and squirming and twitching on the ground. None of them have any bones left in their bodies.

The student confronts the doctor, and the doctor defends his research that will save countless lives from bone disease. The doctor states that the serum will cure bone disease, but it still has the side effect of dissolving bones and cartilage in some subjects. Later that night, the student sneaks out of his room to find a radio to get help. He gets caught and knocked out.

The next morning the student wakes up but is unable to move. He is laying in the dirt face to face with the sad eyes of the missing animal. He also sees other people lying on the ground with no bones. He realizes his fate is the same. The doctor smiles at the student and says, “My boy, we are not curing bone disease here, you see, no bones means tender meat”.