Ghost Story

Ghost Story

May 08, 2022

This week I had the opportunity to revisit an old favorite book called Ghost Story that was written by Peter Straub. This story was originally released back in 1979. This story was then made into a movie in 1981.

I love this ghost story called Ghost Story because it has all of the tropes of an old-school, ghost story. I think I was about 11 or 12 when I first saw the movie version. It was awesome. I think I used to think that Peter Straub was an alternate pen name of Stephen King, but I now know that I was wrong in that assumption.

This story covers all of the bases, giant mansions, an elderly rich man, secret societies, wrongful death, and haunting aberrations. It is the perfect storm of haunting horror that hits all of the notes that make a great and thrilling experience for the reader or viewer.

As I re-watch this movie in modern day, I love it even more when I connect the dots on one of the main characters, the woman scorned/killed that is doing the haunting. It is the actress Alice Krige. She was also a character in the TV series, Star Trek, Next Generation. In that series, she played the Borg Queen. This makes me live Ghost story even more as it is a flash back to the early part of Krige’s career where she is so young.

This story, Ghost Story is and always will be one of my favorite haunting stories.