Grave's End

Grave's End

Mar 20, 2022

This week I read a book called Grave's End by Elaine Mercado. Generally I do not read these type of books. Part of the reason I am enjoying this class so much as it pulls me into some new sub-genre material. I have to say that this book although starting a bit slow, pulled me right in and held me to the end. Although not the best haunting story I have read, it was enjoyable.

This story is a bit different then some of the other haunting book I have read. Most haunting books that I have experience with take place in old crumbling manors or estates. In this story, the family moves to a new house, leaving behind an apartment. This home is affordable for them and they are excited to move in.

Soon after moving in the strange hauntings begin. Elaine, the main character feels trapped because she knows that she cannot afford to leave. With haunting ghostly apparitions, fog and mists, and bumps in the night, Elaine seeks the understanding and comfort of her spouse who does not believe any of it.

Elaine adjusts her life to cope with the hauntings. A kind of coexistence if you will. After exercising the haunting out of the house things quiet down. Life returns to normal.