My Aha Moments

My Aha Moments

Apr 09, 2021

In learning about aha moments, I realized that as a new writer I have a long way to go. I have very few moments, but they do exist even at this early stage. Couple of my moments which I will talk about at the end of this essay include realizing that there are specific story structures that exist overall across all story types, and that there are also specific story structures that exist within each genre.

One of the biggest struggles for me as a new writer has been to understand story structure and how to take a story that's in my head and translate that out onto paper and organize it in a way that is consumable to the reader. Once I have a plan laid out before me the writing part for me is the easy part. I can churn out a thousand words a day on a consistent basis if I have a plan to follow. But for me no plan means no writing night and up chasing my tail.

As I read the passage for this assignment and learned about how others have had their moments, I realize that I'm not alone in my ongoing journey of self-discovery. This is a rite of passage that all writers must go through as they develop their skills. And as they proceed the universe will reveal to them various insights that help them with the writing in the form of aha moments.

Nate Kenyon is a writer who pretends that he is editing someone else’s script. This process helps him to disconnect a bit from his own work long enough to make headway. He also talks about taking of his writers cap and putting on his editors cap. This makes sense to me to treat each part of the writing process is a different role in adjuster mindset and technique for each.


Sarah Langan had her first aha moment when she was writing short fiction. She expanded her sphere of reading to include stories like the ones she was writing. These stories included ghosts and dead people. This is exactly why we have a class like reading genre. We must read within the genre that we are writing to not only have perspective on pushing the envelope but also learn the basic story structures that help us construct and tell a story in a way that people are able to receive it.


I know that as I develop as a writer going forward that I will have ongoing aha moments that help me shape the way I tell my stories and become a better writer. Just during the last few months as I have started my Seton Hill University journey I have undergone the path of self-discovery and had a few moments.


I mentioned earlier about my moments in story structure. I've also had a how moments and how I look at writing in the first place. I realize more than ever that writing for me is a creative outlet that allows me to escape from the soul sucking 9-to-5. This insight, this moment, is allowed me to step back in the process and not take it so seriously. This is unlocked a new level of creativity and passion for the craft. His reminded me of why I am here in the first place. I am here to have fun and be creative.