Real Life to Inspire Fiction

Real Life to Inspire Fiction

Aug 26, 2021

First of all, I never knew until now that Phycho had been loosely based upon a real serial killer. Very interesting and it makes sense as I felt like was reading about a real person while reading Psycho. Right from the beginning with Bloch’s description of Bates in his ordinary appearance and actions. He was a seemingly normal person with normal actions.

For me in my own writing, contemplating the use of a serial killer with my own panache, I would have to go with Jefferey Dahmer. I have always been fascinated and horrified by cannibals. ***WARNING EXPLICIT WORD AHEAD*** Something about consuming human flesh freaks me the fuck out! ***END OF WARNING*** Especially if they are then cursed to an existence of a Wendigo, but that is a story for another day.

Now, let me take it one step further. Let’s turn this cannibal into a child cannibal. Ye, you heard me right. C’mon, what is more horrifying than a child that eats people? Picture if you will, an innocent little child. Maybe he or she is shy. Maybe they are super cute, and they dress nice.

Then the child’s parents might have some vague idea that there is something wrong with the child. They cannot quite put their finger on it, but it is there. They sleep with their bedroom door locked at night. Maybe the hear an attempt at the door know on various nights.

What if the family has had to move a couple of times after their child’s friends have started disappearing? The believe in their hearts that their kid has something to do with it but they love the child too much. So, they move every so often before the town connects the dots.

One day they walk in on their child sitting on his bed, back turned to them. He appears to be eating something. He is very focused on his snack. They whisper his name, and he stops moving, silent but does not look back. They approach step by step and as they come around the corner of the bed, they look on with horror at their child has blood on its face and a child’s arm in its lap.

That night, the parents forget to lock their bedroom door. Dad wakes up in the middle of the night and looks over to see his child straddled over mom, eating her face with a zealous hunger.