The Others

The Others

Mar 13, 2022

I have to say that The Others is a favorite of mine. This is due to the fact of the twist at the end where we learn that the point of view that we originally assumed to be true was simply not so. The reveal of the reality of the family's situation for me was one of those thrilling twists that make a move great for me. I love a twist where the clues are there all along and we simply do not assemble to pieces. Then when the twist comes we are amazed that we did not see it coming but thrilled at the outcome.

I do feel sorry for the family and its situation of entrapment in the old manor. SPOILER ALERT I did not realize that Grace and her two children were ghosts that were haunting the house until the very end. In fact I never suspected it. There were so many foreshadowing elements present that we should have seen the twist coming.

The fact that the "ghost family" thought they were sing ghosts but in reality they were the ghosts merely seeing living people that they thought were ghosts. This makes sense since they did not know they were ghosts.

I give this one a thumbs up! I have watched it no less than 6 times and loved it each time. Oh yes, my wife loves it also and she is very critical of ghost stories.