The Third Gate

The Third Gate

Jun 30, 2022

The Third Gate by Lincoln Child is a thrilling adventure novel that follows the story of Jeremy Logan, an enigmalogist, as he travels to Egypt to investigate a strange discovery. The novel is a blend of ancient history, archeology, and science fiction, and is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The story begins with a prologue that sets the tone for the novel. We learn about a team of archaeologists who are exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, looking for clues about the afterlife. However, their journey is cut short when they encounter a strange presence that seems to be guarding the tomb. The prologue ends with the team narrowly escaping with their lives, but the reader is left with a sense of foreboding.

The main story begins with Jeremy Logan, a renowned enigmalogist who specializes in investigating the paranormal. He is contacted by Porter Stone, a wealthy businessman who has discovered an ancient tomb in Egypt. Stone believes that the tomb may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the afterlife, and he wants Logan to join him on his expedition.

Logan is initially hesitant, but he eventually agrees to join the team. The group includes a number of experts in various fields, including archaeology, anthropology, and geology. The team sets out to explore the tomb, but they soon encounter strange phenomena that cannot be explained by science.

As they delve deeper into the tomb, the team discovers that it is unlike any other tomb that has ever been found. The walls are adorned with strange hieroglyphics and symbols, and the air is thick with an otherworldly presence. Logan begins to suspect that the tomb may be linked to an ancient Egyptian myth about the Third Gate, a portal that leads to the afterlife.

The team encounters a number of obstacles as they explore the tomb, including dangerous traps and mysterious guardians. However, they eventually make their way to the heart of the tomb, where they discover a portal that leads to another world. Logan and his team must decide whether to enter the portal and risk their lives, or turn back and leave the tomb unexplored.

The Third Gate is a well-written and engaging novel that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the plot is filled with suspense and mystery. The novel is also packed with fascinating details about ancient Egyptian mythology and culture, which will be of interest to anyone who enjoys history or archeology.

One of the strengths of the novel is the way that Child blends science fiction with ancient history. The idea of a portal to the afterlife is a common trope in science fiction, but Child manages to make it feel fresh and original by tying it to ancient Egyptian mythology. This blend of genres adds a layer of complexity to the novel that makes it more than just a simple adventure story.

Overall, The Third Gate is an excellent novel that is well worth reading. It is an exciting adventure story that will keep readers engaged from start to finish, and it is also a fascinating exploration of ancient Egyptian mythology and culture. Whether you are a fan of science fiction, adventure stories, or history, The Third Gate is a must-read.